What If Festival

What If Festival

This past weekend, September 10 2016, we participated in the What If — Festival of Innovation and Imagination in downtown Colorado Springs. This festival was all based upon being creative, and thinking outside of the box. It was filled with business startups,  exhibits, beer gardens, tasting foods, stages and much more. The festival hosted over 124 exhibitions.
We were fortunate to have a beautiful, sunny day. We were placed in a prime location, outside of the Pikes Peak performance center. Just across the lawn, we had live music playing throughout the duration of the day. While to the left we had unique exhibits such as R2D2. Participants explored various exhibits — from performing CPR, hula hooping to learning about solar energy. There was an atmosphere full of excitement.


Our goal was to introduce the stretch tent technology. Although tensile structures, such as DIA, have been around since 1995, not all are familiar with the concepts. We wanted people to become excited about understanding the technological methods behind these tents. We created various brightly colored models (blue, yellow, red, white, black, and gray) to compliment our “life size” red tent. The models were spanned across the lawn. Children were encouraged to experiment with dowels to pitch their own tents. They were able to learn the different concepts of tension. Such as how the fabric or the dowel would react when there was too much tension placed on the fabric. In addition, they were taught different knots and techniques to anchor the fabric. Beginning riggers were encouraged to use our rectangle shapes, while our “experimented” riggers tried their skills at an octagon.


We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout and the interest of the children.  Our exhibition was consistently packed from 10am till closing at 4pm, where we still had to turn away interested participants. Throughout the duration of the day, we were approached by teachers, engineers, parents and grandparents who were all enthusiastic about our tent models. Because of this great interest, we have decided to launch something new and unique — Tentrix Jr. These are model tents that, showing that stretch tents aren’t just for “grown ups.”

Tentrix Jr will include a range of products for children  to play and experiment with tensile  structures — specifically stretch tents. They can explore different rigging options, shapes and colors. So look out world, here comes an entire generation of professional stretch tent riggers.

If you are interested in hearing more about this product launch, please visit our website here.


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