Should I use tents for my wedding?

Should I use tents for my wedding?

My sister recently got engaged — and as any organized sister would do, I offered to plan her wedding for her. I’ve enjoyed being on “the other” side of the planning process, then just serving as a vendor. We’ve been sorting through blogs, vendors, websites, and Pinterest. All of this to try and make the most beautiful wedding for her budget.

It’s been almost comical reading through some blog threads on websites such as WeddingWire or The Knot from concerned brides about outdoor weddings. My favorite being one on Wedding Wire titled “to tent or not to tent” (view it here). Numerous brides put in their input about tenting — is it important? Should you use side walls? What about liner, and the inside of the tent. Will people even notice the inside of the tent, or will they all focus on the bride?

Never fear — we will address all of these concerns right here:

Common tenting questions:

  1. Do I need a tent for an outdoor wedding?
    As someone who has planned events, nothing is worse than frantically checking the weather the month – week – day and hour before your event. I would suggest for sure to have tenting for the reception. Even if there isn’t rain, this will be a great cover for any weather. This isn’t just you, but also grandparents, young children and yes that person that gets incredibly sunburned. Out of courtesy I would have some coverage (even if just a small portion of the reception). There are also some pretty awesome alternatives for covering ceremonies if you want to have 100% protection.
  2. Will I have to use expensive liner?
    On the WeddingWire blog the bride was quoted an extra $1,000 for lining and draping the inside of the tent. That is an extra 1K just to hide the inside of the product. To me, that is completely ridiculous. Why would I want to spend money renting a product that I am just trying to hide?That is why we are so adamant about the stretch tents. The best part — the insides already look great. You don’t have to hide poles or frames. If you want the same flowy look you can drape from the poles (which is WAY cheaper).

    You also have different pole options — and the best part — YOU can decide the placement of the poles. You don’t need to worry about hiding them. Wooden poles for a rustic wedding help accentuate your theme, not take away!

  3. I want the same airy feeling as the outdoors
    Yes. I completely understand. A boxed white tent, with sidewalls is anything but airy. You are getting married outside for a reason! To experience the outdoors, to feel a breeze and see an amazing view.  Our tents can be pitched according to the weather. And the best part, they provide protection without that claustrophobic feeling.
  4. Do I need sidewalls?
    The lovely sidewalls! Personally — I have a love-hate relationship with these. It is an additional cost to your rental (con). But a pro is that your wedding is weatherproof. The great thing about the stretch tent (see I can’t say enough) is that you can create sides from the actual canopy. We are able to drop the different sides, allowing you to rig for any weather. Why pay for extra sidewalls? This is a day-long event, not a semi-permanent installation.
  5. Will my guests notice the tent?
    Lots of the brides were debating on the feed whether or not the guests would even notice the inside of the uncovered frame tent with all of the poles exposed. One of the mentioned “it’s your wedding day — they will all be looking at you!”I hate to say this, but people will notice. I always love looking around me to see all of the tiny details the bride and groom put together for the special day. There is an extremely EXTREMELY small chance that someone wouldn’t notice the inside of the tent, when they are sitting in it.

  6. Do I need to use white?
    No, of course not! We actually encourage for brides to look at different colors. Lots of times white can be a bit harsh, and even wash out some photos. Our other most popular colors include platinum gray, red and tan.


So conclusion. Yes, they will notice the tent. And you better hope they notice it’s an AWESOME stretch tent 😉 Tent rentals may be another cost, but at least you can eliminate sidewalls, draping and excessive decorating with a stretch tent. All of this will keeping everyone happy — while adding an amazing backdrop to your event!



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