What is a stretch tent?


Referred to as the stretch, Bedouin, or Freeform tent, these ultimately flexible structures have grown in popularity as  textile production technology in recent years has afforded a perfect combination of stretch, durability, and protection. Indeed, fabrics for Tentrix tends didn’t even exist 30 years ago.

Are tents fire certified?

Yes, all tents meet U.S. requirements (CSFM 19 and NFPA 701).

Where do you provide stretch tents?

We provide short-term rentals to Colorado. For long-term, semi-permanent or customized installations we go nationwide!

What does the rental price include?


Prices tend to change depending upon proximity and rig difficulty. Please contact our Tentrix team for individualized quotes. Quote includes consultation/site visitation, rental, setup and tear-down.

Why stretch over frame tents?

Stretch tents provide a more flexible, stable sructure with greater resistance to adverse weather. The tents have a more appealing aesthetic, with ultimate versatility and flexibility to cater to your venue requirements.

Can these tents be used for high level protection and concealmeant?

With ultimate flexibility in size and design, stretch tents may be used by military and industry to conceal and protect sensitive intallations. Nonmetallic support systems can be adopted to house radar systems sensitive to interference.

What about snow?

Temporary and semi-permanent installations are designed to sustain only mild snow loads. Year-round installations to support extreme snow loads will require custom engineering.

Where can I pitch a tent?

Wherever you can anchor to the earth, ideally, or ballast if neecssary. Creative earth anchors allow us to pitch on turf, sand, rock, asphalt, or even concrete. Customer is responsible for permitting requirements when using public or restricted spaces.