Alternative Canopy Structures

Alternative Canopy Structures

Living in Colorado, we are no stranger to the unpredictability of mother nature. Locals brag about witnessing four seasons in one day. Although we can laugh about the craziness of the mountain weather, we also have to deal with the destructive weather extremes. We personally experienced cleaning up from mother nature’s fires, floods, hurricanes, and more. In addition to the emotion aspect of seeing the devastation of your home or city, there is also the aftermath. The cleanup. And of course – the rebuild.

After the Waldo Canyon fire of 2012, it took years to rebuild some of the homes. Many of the families had resettled after the fire, leaving empty lots which have been slowly transformed. When you are trying to pick up the pieces from a natural disaster, many times survival takes the places of reestablishing old structures.

Businesses oftentimes don’t have the luxury of adjusting locations, and are in need of quick rebuild alternatives. Rebuild times can often be crucial in a business’s life. The past years there have been an abundance of hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes internationally. This caused a huge hit in the tourism industry in many cities and countries. Economies that had a huge reliance on tourism have struggled returning to their previous economic status without the same tourist rates.

Our goal is to bridge this gap of recovery by providing quick rebuild alternatives by using tensile membrane canopies. For high-end or luxury resorts, a quick structure is not always sufficient. There also needs to be a luxurious element to attract high-level clients. And THAT is where we come in.

Tentrix can provide unique canopy installations. This is a unique addition to any business in a faster timeline than the typical construction. As with any of our structures, tensile membrane architecture provides a unique and elegant aesthetic. This adds the luxurious component. Utilizing a canopy roofing alternative also reduces construction elements. Letting businesses restore different elements as quickly as possible.

Our canopies are extremely versatile, being able to adapt to any site. We can easily adapt to a “no-footprint” design. This allows for businesses to choose from temporary or permanent housing alternatives. Also a great option for areas in post-crisis modes, where permits may be a difficult process to acquire.

It is also important to consider the ROI, marketing and branding potential with any business. Tensile membranes provide an individuality that make it easily recognizable. Play around with the design or color and you have an easily brandable product.

Interested in exploring alternative structures? Send us a message and we’ll work with you to develop a concept. We can use stretch tent or tensile membrane alternatives.