Branding your company

Branding your company

Branding is one of the pivotal foundations of marketing for any business. Iconic and successful branding leaves no shadow of doubt who the company is, what they do, and what they stand for. It reflects the customer’s expectation of a company, such as what the customer assumes to be the product or the service. For example, some successful branded companies include Disney, Lego and Nike.

Often associated with family-friendly, and high quality entertainment. It is often nostalgic and where “dreams come true.” Either from the wholesome entertainment, or the Disney resorts, theme parks or locations.

A quality product used to stimulate imagination and creation. Family-friendly and for all ages. It encourages users to think outside of the box.

Synonymous with the top athletes. Whether that be for athletic apparel or equipment. Nike wants you to try harder, and push yourself. Nothing comes easy, and Nike celebrates hard work.

In all of these companies, branding wasn’t something created overnight. It is a painstaking process to maintain consistent messaging, images, advertising visualization, corporate culture, employees…and so much more. Branding touches every aspect of a business.

Fortunately, Tentrix can aid in branding! Especially for outdoor events, it is important to keep your branding consistent. Don’t confuse potential customers with different coloring or an inferior product. Create a “wow” factor at any occasion — don’t settle for second best.

Tentrix offers a variety of coloring options. We can color the entire tent according to your specific color requests. In addition, we have printing available. Successfully advertise your company with a tent serving as a miniature billboard. We have recently been working with different companies that have been  wanting to increase or create specific brand awareness. And how better to do so then with an iconic structure?

In addition to branding YOUR company. This also opens up the opportunity for extensive sponsorship opportunities. Want to explore different branding opportunities? Contact us for more information!


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