Why choose semi-permanents?

Why choose semi-permanents?

I have found it intriguing how many companies have approached us, asking about semi-permanent and awning options. Although we are primarily advertising our rental tents, we often have those visionary business owners who see our product and tell us what a beautiful addition it would make to their existing establishment.

Our semi-permanents are tensile structures designed specifically to expand or protect an outdoor area. For example, many restaurants seek a semi-permanent addition to provide consistent covering over outdoor seating areas.

But why the need for a semi-permanent? With over 300 days of sun in Colorado, we are fortunate to have beautiful year-round weather. Companies often factor in the loss of space for winter months.  As always, it takes a simple cost-benefit analysis to determine whether a semi-permanent addition would be an asset for your company. Although the benefits are numerous, we have simplified them into three main categories:

Aesthetically pleasing
Currently many companies have a stretch-tent like structure — the sun canopy. Although this can protect customers from overexposure to sun, it serves little purpose beyond that. The tensile structure semi-permanents offer a beautiful and slick design. They can also be customized to mirror the atmosphere of the restaurant. It can be used as a temporary awning, or even form an enclosed area.

Protect customers
No need to panic about the upcoming weather! Let customers have the options of dining outdoors into the fall, winter and after sunset . As a former server, I have been exposed to the inconsistency of outside seating. With these semi-permanents, customers will be protected from wind, rain, cold and hail storms. Heaters can even be placed underneath, to warm the tents for colder months.

Business Growth
Eliminate the uncertainty of weather affects by maintaining a growing and thriving business. I have personally experienced having to relocate within a restaurant during rain storms. As a restaurant, do you want to have to factor in the possibility of having to move all outdoor dining customers? Of course not, you want to minimize vacancies as much as possible. With a covered patio, customers will be able to dine outdoors longer. This opens options such as private events.

Weather is something we can’t control — especially in Colorado. But being prepared is what we Coloradans do best. We are known for always carrying water, food, layers….so why not prepare your business in the same way?

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