Wind, rain and hail!

Wind, rain and hail!

Let’s go back a couple weeks ago. It was a beautiful night in Colorado. There was a distant rumble accompanied by the constant flickering of lightning bolts. For us, in Northern Colorado Springs, it was a beautiful light show. It was only until the next morning that we realized for certain areas of the city, it was a devastating hail storm.

Social media was covered with posts of hail sizes — from marbles to the size of tennis balls. People experienced significant damage to their houses and their vehicles. Windows were cracked and shattered, roofs destroyed, and cars dented. In the frenzy of insurance claims, one begins to wonder, what about companies that would have suffered severe damage? How does a company begin to handle a catastrophic hail storm.

Began researching and talking to auto dealerships. Typically, the car repairs are only considered to be cosmetic in nature.

Social media was covered with post of hail ranging from the size of eggs to tennis balls. People experienced significant damage in their houses and vehicles. In the midst of the insurance claims, can look at some of the companies that suffered the most losses. The car dealerships.

Autobytel describes how many of the car repairs are considered purely “cosmetic” in nature. An accumulation which can exceed the value of the vehicle itself. Many companies welcome minor hail storms. This allows the companies to reduce prices on damaged vehicles, and increase their sales. But what about the truly catastrophic storms, such as those seen a couple weeks ago in Colorado? Storms where the car can be deemed totaled from the hail damage?

Protection ranges from hail vehicle coverings, tarps etc. But what about complete coverage from a tent? Tentrix has the ability to create semi-permanent structures (or tents) in customizable shapes. Not only does it offer a unique shape, which becomes an attraction for potential customers. These stretch tents offer protection from the sun, heat, wind, rain…and yes, even hail.

The question remains, are you willing to gamble with your inventory? Or does the investment of purchasing a semi-permanent stretch tent installation outweigh the cost of potential losses? Please check out our website, or contact us for more information.

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