Accelerated Wealth Switchbacks Tent

Accelerated Wealth Switchbacks Tent

In March 2017, we rigged a customized semi-permanent rig for local soccer team, the Switchbacks. This was sponsored by Accelerated Wealth. The purpose of this structure was to create a seasonal business club in a specific corner of the field. A premium membership would offer front row seats, food, networking and more. And with unpredictable Colorado weather, both companies wanted to ensure club members were protected from any unwanted weather elements.

The designated business club tent area. Concrete was poured 1 1/2 weeks prior the pitch.

We used Accelerated Wealthy’s branded colors, having a black canopy with printed logo for branding. We had a 20×30 ft corner, to which we utilized the 4 ft retaining wall to maintain a rectangular structure and optimizing space. In addition — we had to plan on rigging the tent for snow loads. And of course, in typical Colorado fashion, the first 2 weeks the tent was rigged we have had two huge snowstorms.

Since this was a semi-permanent for the soccer season, we wanted to be able to break it down and rig it easily for following seasons.  We used a combination of earth anchors and stakes. The initial anchoring takes longer for the first pitch, but will speed up for subsequent pitches, as the canopy only needs to be attached. To accommodate for high wind speeds, snow, rain — and everything Colorado has to offer — we fastened the tent down with over 30 anchor points.

We also equipped the tent with skirting and side walls for changing weather conditions. Walls can be easily rolled up or locked down depending on the weather. Skirting prevents any weather access along the retainer wall. Both of these make the tent as weather proof as possible.

Siding being added to the front and side of the tent. These can be easily rolled up for warmer weather.

The siding and skirts helped to trap heat inside the tent. Making it warm and toasty inside! For more information on business club memberships visit the Switchbacks FC website here.

Business Club pitched at the Switchbacks FC stadium in Colorado Springs, CO

Want to see our rig in action? View our video here.

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