Stage Coverage

Stage Coverage

It’s finally beginning to feel like summer! And with the beginning of summer comes graduation ceremonies, music festivals, outdoor summer events and more. Goodbye snowstorms and hello warm summer days!

Like most people, I’ve attended multiple outdoor graduation ceremonies. The ones in Colorado are exceptionally beautiful. There is nothing like graduation with a mountain as your backdrop. I’ve always been surprised at how many of the graduations gamble with the weather and don’t use tenting. Personally, I wouldn’t want to deal with the anxiety of constantly checking the weather. But stage coverage isn’t only used for poor weather — also those warm summer days. It is sadly comical seeing the valedictorians, school administrators, deans and VIP speakers sweating profusely in their graduation regalia. Nothing is more painful than welcoming the summer with a third degree sunburn!

And so the topic of today: stage coverage.

Not just for rain

Stage covers are not just needed for rain (and for that matter, neither are tents). Performers are extremely exposed and can easily become overheated. Not just the performers dripping in sweat, but also to the point that some musical instruments don’t work properly. It’s always a great backup to have if the weather would change unexpectedly. Nobody likes a concert to be pushed back because the musicians were protecting their instruments.

Draws attention

Create extra attention and draw the focus towards center stage. You can also use additional lighting to further the atmosphere. This is a great option for nontraditional seating plans where it is difficult to attract all eyes at a specific point.

Stretch tent stage covers

Stretch tents are EXTREMELY versatile. They can adapt to any shape — which is amazing when it comes to stage coverage. We traditionally offer 3 main options for clients:

  1. 3 Side Rig- We can create a quick bandshell shape by dropping three sides of our tent. This is great for a smaller band that doesn’t need any extreme light fixtures or speakers to be rigged surrounding the stage. 
  2. Arch Frame – we rig the tent alongside an arch frame. This creates a more rounded shape. Arch supports can be chosen specifically for the stages. This allows for speakers and additional lighting to be rigged surrounding the stage.
  3. Unique Customization we will work to create a unique stage cover option for your event, utilizing arch supports and our tents. We can use different shapes for specific configurations that cater to the crowd/stage. This is great for events that need stage and crowd coverage.

Have any questions about our stage coverage? Please contact us directly at We would love to answer any of your questions.

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