Travels Abroad

Travels Abroad

In pursuit of evaluating new products, we traveled across the world — from Colorado to South Africa. South Africa is the hub of the stretch tent industry. With the top companies in the world, these magnificent structures can be seen on beaches, vineyards, patios and much more.

There is nothing like leaving your glorious Colorado summer, for the brisk African winter. When we weren’t sitting by the fire sipping Rooibos tea, we were analyzing the spectrum of available products. We were able to see the tents perform in wind, rain, sun and the cold. However, the riggers may not have reciprocated our excitement as we welcomed dark clouds emptying buckets of rain.

We compared and contrasted rigging systems, knots, carabiners and more. We wanted to explore alternative methods to semi-permanent and permanent installations, different terrains and varying ballasts options. All of this in pursuit of catering our product specifically for the Colorado market. Snow, hail, wind or rain? Bring it on Colorado!

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