Construction Tenting

Construction Tenting
Weather delays challenge many construction projects. Adding tented coverage to jobsite brings protection to site, workers, and equipment. Protecting from precipitation and inclimate weather can assure a timely construction schedule.

The benefits of adding coverage by Tentrix stretch tents to a construction project are several fold. Unlike conventional frame tents, Tentrix pitches on slopes, around obstacles, and can be made to work on geography that precludes the use of standard frame or center pole tents. Conventional tents require a level surface and sometimes even footings for larger pitches. These requirements may be unrealistic and are often unnecessary when a stretch tent will provide better, more robust short and long term coverage.

Unlike complex fabric structure pitches, stretch tents rig faster and can be modified as the construction progresses. Center pole tents, like the traditional circus tent, have a single point in which to insert the king pole, which must be absolutely vertical. In contrast, the Tentrix stretch tent offers unprecedented pitching flexibility.  Interior poles are topped with a large rubber “mushroom” cap so the poles can be placed virtually anywhere, directly into the high tensile stretch fabric. If a pole’s in the way, move it. The net result is total pitch flexibility.

Unlike fabric structures wraping vinyl over complex semi-permanent frames, sometimes requiring costly crane rental, Tentrix stretch tents are economical, providing cost effective coverage for short term rental or long term lease or purchase options.

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