When is it too cold to use a tent?

When is it too cold to use a tent?

There is nothing quite like an outdoor event. The sun shining, a slight breeze and the soft chirping of distant birds.  Of course for every event, nothing really turns out like it should, right?  If there isn’t rain, its cold or windy…or bugs. That is when the inevitable question occurs. When is it too cold to use a tent? And our answer is NEVER! Here are some of our easy solutions for warming up your outdoor space:

  1. Skirting
    We refer to skirting as strips of material we add to the bottom of our tents. We can easily drop sides and seal off the gap with this addition. This prevents any unwanted breezes, rain or critters from entering your event. They’re also a pretty unique tenting addition.
  2. Heaters
    Space heaters can dramatically increase your international temperature. It is also amazing what 90 people and a heater can do for temperature increase in a confined space. I have personally been in a small tent with two raised sides and sidewalls. In freezing conditions, we had the entire tent heated over 80 degrees in less than 20 minutes. We were stripping off our coats in no time!
  3. Pitch Adjustments
    One of the benefits of using a stretch tent is the pitching versatility. If there is a cold front arriving we can adjust the pitch to minimize exposed areas. A 3 sided dropped pitch dramatically increases the temperature.

Stretch tents extend the life of any outdoor space. We like to brag that this is almost able to be done everyday of the year. Yes, in Colorado we have those subzero temperatures and lovely blizzards. But with the right equipment people won’t mind being outside in one of our beautiful structures.

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