6 Tips for an Outdoor Event

6 Tips for an Outdoor Event

Something always goes wrong when planning an event. Always. Even with contingent A, B, and C there is always a surprise. So instead of preventing it, choose to roll with the punches. Here are some easy steps to plan for any outdoor unpredictability:

  1. Site Location
    Choose a site location wisely. Of course you want this to have a stunning backdrop, but also make sure it is easily accessible for guests and vendors. Hold into account the time of year and weather (e.g. in Colorado we get afternoon rains daily in the mountains).
  2. Permitting
    Permits must be acquired for certain event sizes. These range from sound ordinance laws, fire department permitting, alcohol usage, and more.  Make sure everything is up to code to avoid any unnecessary conflict.
  3. Tenting
    One of the reasons we love the outdoors is because it is unpredictable. Wind, sun, rain, snow or more – it all just makes your event more exciting! A tent is the perfect way to protect your guests and give you peace of mind.
  4. Weather plan
    Even with tenting you need a good/bad weather plan. For weddings – will the ceremony be moved into the tent? How will everything be adjusted? For flexible tent pitches (such as stretch tents) the tent can be rigged/dropped to keep the stunning views while protecting guests from incoming wind. Tentrix will work with you to factor in different weather changes. An easy addition is offering blankets for colder weather. This can make a huge difference for the guests.
  5. Generators
    You will always need electrical for one reason or another! This is great for lighting, stereo and more. We recommend getting a whisper to avoid the louder generator noises.
  6. Food
    Depending on how isolated the outdoor location is, having an outdoor wedding can influence food selection. If you don’t have a kitchen to prepare food consider a selection that can be at room temperature. For example, this wedding used a series of tapas. These can be served at room temperature and are easy to setup and store.

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