A Blank Canvas

A Blank Canvas

Decorating. You love it or you hate it. Some people are gifted with visualizing the end product — and being able to create a masterpiece all the way down to the minute details. On the other hand, others may not be savvy in the decorating department (with or without Pinterest).

I have been a “more is less” kinda girl. This has probably coming from feeling completely inferior with interior decorating techniques in comparison with friends and family. Or maybe just not a desire to dust? Fortunately for me, there is a beauty in simplicity.

What’s great about the stretch tent is that it works either way. Want to go to town decorating the tents with garlands, lights, paper lanterns — go ahead! It also looks absolutely amazing without decorations. However you are inspired, it is up to you. Because of this, we describe it as being “the blank canvas.” Helping you unleash your more creative outlets, while it adapts (not dictates) to any environment.

But don’t take our word, try it out for yourself! Use one of our stretch tents at your next event, or look at our Pinterest account.

Stretch Tent Festival
Festival Stretch Tent
Pool stretch tent
Semi-permanent stretch tent pool installation
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