A winter wonderland...with a tent

A winter wonderland...with a tent

Tents are typically not something that are associated with events during harsh winters, snow storms or frigid temperatures. Any event planner’s nightmare: guests sitting and shivering inside a freezing tent while being paranoid if the tent will withstand the harsh weather extremes. Having a tent blow away or collapse is definitely NOT on the bucket list.

Gone are the days that tents are used specifically for summer events. With modern sophisticated technology, fabrics have been developed specifically to withstand harsh weather extremes. Stretch tents (or Bedouin tents) have the unique ability to be able to drop sides. This can be further enhanced with side walls or skirting to reduce any exposure. And for those cold, wet winters we also have gutter systems. All of these to keep your event weather proof!

In mild weather stretch tents offer warmth from dropping sides. Tents provide basic insulation, which is increased with the body warmth of guests. For particularly bitterly cold winters, we recommend space or gas patio heaters. Guests will be kept warm and cozy in any weather extreme.

With our tents you can still enjoy Colorado weather outdoors — with or without perfect weather. We also service all of Colorado: Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Aspen, Vail…and the list continues.

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