Beautiful Backyard Colorado Wedding

Beautiful Backyard Colorado Wedding

At the beginning of September, we were excited to provide the tenting for a stunning outdoor wedding based in Colorado Springs. This couple owned a beautiful portion of land based in the city. The wedding location was surrounded by gorgeous trees, a great way to escape from the city.  It was intimate and isolated without being extremely remote.

We wanted to create the focus of the event on the backdrop of trees and mountains. We decided to have an open, floating pitch.  We used our popular platinum stretch tent. This has the appearance of white from a distance, while being more clean and photograph friendly. We dropped the back of the 66’x50′ tent to 8ft – giving easy access inside and outside of the tent. The front of the tent was raised to 12ft, creating a dramatic entrance for the wedding guests.


We laid down ground tarp to keep our tent nice and clean! We overlapped 3 different tarps because of the week of heavy rainfall. Our canopy was adjusted to be framed by surrounding young trees.

After safely anchoring the tent, we began raising the perimeter poles.  We secure tensions on the permiter before adding center poles and final adjustments.

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