Clear Top Tents

Clear Top Tents

We often get asked if we do clear-top canopies. The answer is yes, but only for tropical plants. Seriously. There’s a reason greenhouses are encased with clear plastic – to elevate the inside temperature 30+ degrees. It’s beastly hot during daytime hours. That’s great if you’re drying jerky or growing African Violets, bad if you’re trying to stage that perfect wedding. If you’ve seen the clear canopy idealized on Pinterest, purge it from your mind. What you don’t feel is the intensity of the sun that has nowhere else to go. So no, in truth, we don’t do transparent canopies. That would be our greenhouse division, which doesn’t yet exist.

We spoke candidly with one of the local tent companies that provides clear-top tents. We’ll keep her name confidential. She vented about how putting flowers and décor in any afternoon wedding will kill any flowers. If there is rainfall, the beautiful clear top is scattered with faint outlines of raindrop smears.

Not to bash on the clear top tents, but we honestly feel this fad will eventually fade. Pinterest has captured some gorgeous images. But why aim for something that is trending when you can have something completely new. Oftentimes themes only begin trending on Pinterest when they have been overused. The “rustic” wedding – where every bride is incorporating burlap when it was never used a day of their life prior their wedding.

Talented photographers who made clear-top canopies look as the number one “go to” for the dream wedding. There is nothing like having your dream wedding under the stars – and with all the protection. But we encourage for our clients to try something new and exciting. Experimenting with  stretch tent may be slightly outside of your comfort zone, but we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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