Rocky Mountain Tent Rental Alternatives

Rocky Mountain Tent Rental Alternatives
Kevin Costner built a killer baseball field in the middle of a remote Iowa corn field. The speculative build worked for Costner. Maybe it works for those who believe in angelic ball players resurrecting to stage a classic ballgame. For most of us? Not so much.
“Build it and they will come” has become an American idiom, but it is no more true today that it was before the release of Field of Dreams.
Build it. Sometimes they come. Sometimes they don’t. That’s the reality.
That’s where Tentrix comes in. If you have a commercial venue and would like to cover an open space, whether it be temporary or semi-permanent, an odd shaped deck or a patio adjacent to a pool, and are not quite willing to commit to the cash outlay without knowing the demand – talk to us.
For the right location, we offer complementary site visits to evaluate the opportunity of a custom temporary or semi-permanent rig. The canopy and rigging are specific to the site and custom fabricated in a color of your choosing to accommodate a rapid temporary pitch and teardown (unless semi-permanent).
Because it’s a speculative fabrication on our part, we need to be your preferred tenting provider, hired by the customer or venue. We’ll evaluate the opportunity. If the speculative build is deemed a win-win-win solution for the venue, the customer, and Tentrix, we’ll go forward with the build.
We have a brand new and rather brilliant tensile technology to introduce to the Rocky Mountain market. We find this to be a persuasive strategy of doing so.
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