About Us

We are a group of problem solvers, innovators and creators. We strive for architectural solutions while others see obstacles. 

As the pioneer stretch tent company in Colorado, we were inspired by the versatility and beauty of tensile membrane structures. Our mission is to make tensile membrane structures more widely accessible to the private and commercial markets – from stretch tents to carefully engineered structures.
Our team works exclusively with stretch tents and tensile structures — becoming experts in this specialization. We pride ourselves on structuring unique canopies/coverings in difficult configurations. Each of which we view as individualized artworks.

We are based in Colorado Springs, a city nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak. Here in Colorado, we are strong believers in being outdoors. Whether that is for hiking, biking or planning our next big event! Any Colorado local has learned the importance of always being prepared for the outdoors – especially when it comes to the frequently changing weather.

We were inspired by the iconic tensile structure of Denver International Airport. We wanted to incorporate the strength, resilience and elegance of the airport’s sleek architecture in a smaller scale. While living abroad in South Africa, we encountered numerous of these envisioned – the stretch tent. Oftentimes, we saw these stretch tents sustaining high wind conditions and maintaining their original structures. After seeing the success of these structures, we were inspired to further develop a technology specifically designed to withstand Colorado’s mountain high country.

Although we are based in Colorado, we can travel to our clients! Let us know if you have any questions/comments about our product. We would love to hear from you.