Durango Ranch Wedding Tent

We’d been working with the couple for almost a year. They were extremely creative, with a unique vision for their wedding. They knew what they wanted: a stretch tent.

Stretch Tent at Durango Ranch

Once you’ve staged a wedding in a stretch tent, it’s hard to go back to a steel frame with dorky white vinyl cladding. Sure, we’re stretch tent providers so that could be a biased view. However, this wedding tent in Durango affirms our good judgment. It’s not so much about protection from the weather. Rather, it’s about the ambiance, the environment created by the stretch tent.

We pitched this wedding tent in Durango at a local ranch owned by a friend of the bride. The location was perfect, as was the weather and, of course, the bride. And the groom you ask? I forget.

This couple wanted a low slung “cave-like” atmosphere with three sides dropped. They staged the wedding ceremony outside on account of the perfect weather. The reception was mostly outside, with dancing and celebration staged under the canopy, late into the night.

We arrived on site to find a unique handmade dance floor with lapped sheets of OSB – not a bad idea. While we rigged, the wedding party began assembling a ceremony site with hay bales, a lounge area with modern white block ensembles. It was a balance of modern Durango and traditional rustic. We also brought our farm tables and benches which were set up outside of the tent – allowing the stretch tent to become a unique dance area (even equipped with a disco ball).