Fine Arts Center Gala

We were delighted to provide tenting for the Fine Arts Center Gala in Colorado Springs, showcasing local art & sculpture to celebrate the partnership of Colorado College and FAC.

Summer Banquet at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

We joined 3 separate canopies to cover about 7000sqft of banquet space, with stages sculptures and uplighting. We dropped one side toward the road but kept most of the canopy up on account of the warm Colorado evening.


“The Basket Dance” (1987) was sculpted by Glenna Maxey Goodacre, who studied painting and zoology at Colorado College, which owns the Fine Arts Center Museum. By temporarily elevating this canopy to about 12 ft with mushroom capped poles until it was properly rigged, we were able to incorporate the sculpture under the canopy, as requested by the customer – a very nice touch.