Fine Arts Center Gala

Fine Arts Center Gala

We first elevated the sides to 12′. We carefully carried the edges over the statues to ensure the artwork was protected. After which, we anchored and put great amounts of tension on the tents.

After finalizing anchor points we gradually lifted the entire tent, putting all king poles into place. We systematically applied tensions throughout the entire structure — finalizing the transformation to the Fine Arts Center lawn.

The last weekend of August 2017, we were privileged to provide tenting for the Fine Arts Center Gala in Colorado Springs. This was a beautiful showcase of local art, along with launching the recent partnership with Colorado College and FAC.

This was a unique pitch for us — as we had numerous sculptures that were a constraint. The previous tenting had been a standard 80’x80′ century pole tent. We wanted to do something a bit different that would provide more seating opportunities for the 400+ guests that were anticipated to arrive.

The pitch included networking 3 tents and incorporating one of the sculptures inside of the tent. We began by creating the configuration with tarps on the ground, which we covered with the stretch tents.

Event photos by Brad Armstrong.


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