Stretch Tents for Cannabis

A Colorado Cannabis Grower needed a field-based covered drying rack with controlled ventilation in which to stage harvested plants.

The Challenge

Whether grown for its valuable tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) extracts, the much celebrated and disparaged Cannabis genus of flowering plants has become a growth industry in Colorado. Regardless of ones views on the contentious legalization discussions, one can’t help but be impressed with this amazing herb from which organic fibers can be extracted that rival the strength of top synthetic fibers, or pharmaceuticals to treat a myriad of chronic medical conditions.

Indeed, before Cannabis became ‘planta non grata’, Henry Ford famously developed a concept car during the supply shortages of WW2 that used the Cannabis fiber for auto body panels instead of steel, and powered the engine with a hemp-derived fuel, instead of gasoline.

When extracting THC or CBD, the mature plants are quite valuable and must be treated with care during the full processing cycle in order to maximize the value of the extracts. Sometimes there is a need for growers to embrace field-based drying solutions. In the heavily regulated and taxed Cannabis production environment, extracting moisture from the plants at the point of origin, before sending the plants for final drying & processing, helps reduce the weight-based tax imposed when the product leaves the field of origin.

Given the powerful derivatives of the plant, perhaps it’s no surprise that the Cannabis plant can be a bit tempermental during processing. There’s a huge value swing that can decimate an outside grower if the crop is not handled correctly during the early drying stage.

That’s where Tentrix comes in. We can assist field growers with onsite drying solutions that help limit crop degradation that could occur with large humidity and temperature swings, as well as light exposure.

These solutions are custom developed with the growers, so contact us for solutions.