Rigging for a Storm

Wind load increases exponentially with wind speed. Double the speed and the force of that wind increases fourfold. That's ideal if you're a pilot, and worthy of note if you're a tent rigger.

Preparing for the worst

Tents are not storm shelters. Aluminum poles are dangerous in a lighting storm so please seek permanent shelter. That said, we rig to ride out the storm, whether occupied or not.

We have a history of pitching before snow, hail, and wind storms, so we watch the weather and rig accordingly. In the Rocky Mountains weather changes frequently and dramatically, so it’s best to err on the conservative side when rigging.

Grandoozy beer tent in Denver
Storm straps with 14,000 lb break strength limit billowing with uplift. Under canopy, king pole tops are guyed as failsafe.
Steel corner rings guyed with two 8400 lb double braided ropes 36″ stakes.
Perimeter poles canted to bisect the angle between aggressive guy line and canopy so tension is split evenly between canopy & guylines.
3-point valley draw down between perimeter poles to counter ponding & uplift
Side drawn down to prevailing wind
3-point anchor on perimeter poles with aggressive guy angle
Hops tied to beer tent poles. No storm benefit but keeps the occupants happy.