Ent FCU Ribbon Cutting Canopy

A first-rate location with elegant water feature produces an eye-catching stretch tent canopy pitch

The Challenge

This stretch tent in Colorado Springs for the ENT Federal Credit Union Ribbon Cutting was not particularly difficult or technical. It wasn’t even up for very long – up and down within 24 hours.

Sure, there was some creative anchoring in the water feature, staggered post height, maybe a few obstacles, but mostly it was the lighting and location that stood out. Green grass, beautiful water feature & building, amplified by the sunset. Quick evening party with the mayor and local press, and we dropped it by headlamp. What a shame. We should have left it up.

We welcome the chance to work with you to design a cool pitch on challenging terrain. Tentrix tents are not like the typical ‘plug-and-play’ white party tent – a steel frame with white vinyl cladding. Those tents are restricted to flat sites and very specific pitch protocol.

Tentrix stretch tents are uniquely designed to be pitched where others don’t work. Water features, geographical constraints, boulders, structures – we’ll find a way to work those obstacles into an artful, memorable pitch.