Taos New Mexico Wedding Venue

Stake Out wedding venue in Taos, NM expands reception area with Tentrix stretch tent

The Challenge

Looking for a Taos wedding venue? There’s an historical gem tucked away just outside of Taos New Mexico called the Stake Out on Outlaw Hill. Its history is the stuff of legends, both rich and complicated. I won’t spoil the surprise here.

Today the Stake Out has been repurposed from a legendary outlaw hangout to a more refined yet all the more intriguing private wedding venue. This hidden beauty just outside Taos Pueblo comes with ample privacy and all the fresh air and open space you could want.

Under skilled leadership, the property is rebuilt and open for private dinners, weddings, events, and more. The owners’ obsession with even the smallest artist details makes for a stand-out venue. I geeked out a bit at the patience, and artistry it took to carve a series of heavy doors that showcase the event center. They’re discrete, but look carefully at the attention to detail. Stunning.

Tentrix is helping The StakeOut accommodate larger outside weddings. If you’re looking for a place to hide out, alone or with 200 friends & your own culinary team, the Stake Out might just suit.

We used Ponderosa Pine Latillas for the perimeter poles for that warm mountain look. We dropped two sides to the prevailing winds common to New Mexico. But we kept a gap at the base of the canopy to cool off on warm evenings. As the temperatures drop into the Fall & Winter, we’ll help Stake Out extend their wedding season. We can create a right toasty environment with our clear drop sides and doors.

The artistic finishing crew will add lighting, flooring, walls and Bedouin decor to set the mood. In winter, they’ll add heat and the warmth of a crowd. Stop by if you’re looking for a captivating private, wedding venue.

The Stakeout