"Socially Distanced" Tented School Dances..
Uh huh...

If there's a silver lining to the global pandemic for the tent industry, it's the boosted outdoor capacity requirements for public schools in the interest of health and human safety

The Challenge

Covid hits, but schools want to maintain a sense of normalcy for students despite the distancing requirements mandated by the state. That’s where Tentrix comes in. We provide outdoor venue protection to enable high school students to dance… distanced… to keep the health department happy, parents happy, school administrators happy, students as close as ever, and Tentrix riggers employed – A win, win, win, win, win scenario.

For this dance we pitched a 7000sf canopy with uplighting and string lights.

It turns out that very few public health officials have ever been teenagers..

Public health mandate or no, we’ve heard from so many students and administrators that having a homecoming or prom under a tent trumps any outside venue, especially the school gymnasium.

Indeed, many schools we worked with plan to keep tented dance venues on school grounds where students have fun, gyms stay clean, and budgets are met. A dose of high school normalcy in an insane world.

Looks Fun!!

For this tent we joined two canopies for a 5500sf pitch, side dropped to the prevailing wind to keep students protected, yet aerated.

And here’s another dance at Sand Creek High School.

Canopy ready for inspection by CSFD Fire Marshal, with fire suppression, lighting, signage.