Semi-Permanent Dining Tent

A Summer Camp in Colorado uses Tentrix Tent to cover 300 seat Dining Hall for a Season

The Challenge

The Firewalker Camp in West Creek Colorado, just outside of Woodland Park was but charred wreckage after the Haman Fire burned through some 20 years earlier. Only the stone carcass from an old barn remained.

When the camp started back up, it was quite a bit simpler to launch a temporary dining hall with a mobile kitchen and semi-permanent stretch tent rental from Tentrix.

All nearby forest growth is less than 20 years old as the Haman Fire burned quite hot in this area.

Because Aspen Groves are some of the first trees to return to a fire scarred area, we found plenty of good Aspen stock to harvest for the perimeter poles.

In a semi-permanent tent pitch, we rig with storm straps and valleys to make sure the canopy is secure for the inevitable severe storms that move through Pikes Peak National Forest in the Summer Months. We also monitor tension and check in periodically to verify storm readiness.

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