US Olympic Training Center

USOPC Celebrates Paralympic Athletes with a family picnic.
Rigger forgets rope on canopy top.

The Challenge

The Groundskeepers at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs are proud of their turf. They should be. They’ve cultivated a perfect lawn without a weed in sight. That’s not an easy feat in Colorado.

So, when the USOPC committee wanted to stage a picnic for families of Paralympic athletes smack in the middle of the greenest lawn on campus, they got a little pushback from the Operations Crew.

We drive 3′ stakes to pitch this particular 50’x70′ stretch tent. We’ve never damaged a lawn. Indeed, we leave lawns healthier by target aerating to 3′ deep. However, that’s a hard battle to win with a crew that has crafted the perfect lawn.

BTW – Did you spot the bundled rope left on the canopy top? We did too. Eventually.

Eventually the USOPC Grounds Militia conceded to a placement of 4 stakes for a stretch tent rental pitch that usually requires 24. Ballast is unsightly, so we found a creative alternative. We cut a slight expansion into the concrete curb expansion joints, and dropped in a few climbing stoppers.

The site worked out to be a perfect placement with stakeless anchors on 3 sides and all were happy – especially the Ops Guys when we left their lawn completely unscathed.

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