Tented Stages and Music Festivals

Music festivals were early adopters of tented stage coverings, so we welcome the opportunity to cover artists, stages, and audiences alike with stretch tents.

Stage Coverings and Music Festivals

Tented stage coverings keep performers safe and happy. Indeed, a long time ago musicians and concert organizers recognized stretch tents as the perfect complement to music festivals. The vibrant colors and unique pitch configurations add value to any music venue.

If a concert needs to incorporate box truss framework for lighting or sound systems, we use these to frame out the canopy so the tented stage covering need not have guylines extending into the crowd.

We can cover the stage, cover the audience, or both. Here’s an example of an arched prolyte box truss with attached stretch canopy during the pitch stages. The box truss serves as a mounting system for sound and lighting and the tented stage covering.

The Grandoozy Music Festival in Denver welcomed our stretch canopy for their beer tent – hence the hops covered perimeter poles. No stage covering this time around.

As did the Monument Party for the Parks with headliner Reckless Kelly, profiled here.