Monument, Colorado Party for the Parks

Reckless Kelly was headliner for the Monument, Colorado Summer 2022 concert series, featuring local stars.

The Challenge

Colorado weather in July is as unpredictable as any other month, so the Town of Monument needed about 10,000sf of tent keep 1500 concert goers happy, regardless of the weather. A storm hit hard, but all stayed comfortable until the lightning hit which put a stop to festivities. Later, a double rainbow highlighted the last show of the evening.

On a related note, our rental tents have aluminum poles extending 16+ feet. Remember your physics lessons before you seek storm shelter in Tentrix, or any other tents for that matter. If lightning is near, retreat to a permanent structure, or hide in a vehicle.

Reckless Kelly capped off the evening by taking the stage under a double rainbow.

We pitched 4 canopies including one with a beer trailer pulled inside – always a popular feature.