'Expeditionary Luxury' or 'Bedouin Chic'

Robust Luxury Living with zero environmental impact. Our tented homes help you live big when protection counts, and leave without a trace.

The Challenge

“Glamping tent” connotes a canvas bell tent with a nice mattress, feather bed, candles, and chocolates on the pillow. It’s a fun idea, granted, but what if the wind blows? What if a storm sets in? What if you expect to plant for six months? How long until the novelty of tented living wears off and that Instagram shine turns tortuous?

Tent grommets tear out, canvas molds,  tent overheats,  freezes, and worse. Might stretch tents be customized to offer a more durable solution to the traditional glamping tent?

In a word – yes. Call our glamping tent alternative “Expeditionary Living” or “Bedouin Chic” if you will. It’s too big to be erected up for a night stay where a traditional camping tent will work just fine. It’s low impact enough that you needn’t pour concrete, or hook up your F350 to tow it in place when you plan to stay a while.

Our glamping tent solutions were made to weather the hot arid African plain. However, they’re adaptable to most moderately temperate climates.

Tentrix offers assistance with full tent installation, along with construction of platform, fashioned from red oak truck decking.

A robust, new breed of glamping tent

Our expeditionary living canopies are sewn from our flex coated stretch fabric to survive years of UV exposure. Therefore, the stretch tent canopy offers long term durability through the toughest storm. Then, we frame out the sidewalls with rigid wood or steel members,  and stretch the fabric wall panels tight in keder channels.

Exterior walls and interior partitions are custom fabricated to local climate and customer preference. These can include windows, screens, doors and more. If you’re in a hot environment we recommend a secondary shade panel on the canopy, with an air gab to keep the main living area cool. Or, if you’re in a cooler environment, consider integrating our radiant barriers in the canopy walls.

Ask about our custom solutions before your next expeditionary living adventure.